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Mississauga DUI LawyerWinning DUI Lawyer Dedicated to Fighting Charges in Mississauga

You made a mistake. You’ve been charged. But it’s far from over.

With the right criminal defense lawyer on your side, your maximize your chances of avoiding a conviction so you can put this behind you and move on with your life.

Do You Fall Into One of These Categories?

Maybe you were pulled over because you were driving too slow, too fast, too erratically. Perhaps you couldn’t perform basic physical tasks, appearing to be impaired; your speech was slurred, or your breath smelled of alcohol…


What Have You Been Charged With?

  • Impaired Driving 
  • Over 80 mg of alcohol in the blood
  • Failure to Provide Sample (breath, blood or urine sample)

My Reputation Precedes Me – and I Intend to Keep It That Way!

My name is Jonathan Lapid and I’m a criminal defence lawyer and DUI expert in Mississauga, with over 25 years of experience. I’m an attorney who lives and breathes the cases I work on. Since I started my practice, I have successfully defended hundreds of clients, built excellent working relationships with Judges and Crowns, and I am happy to say that I am often the person other lawyers call for DUI case advice.


You’re Not Alone!

Getting charged with an impaired driving offence can happen to people from all walks of life – even those you least expect. This doesn’t change anything, but it does provide a sense of comfort. So many others have stood before the courts and defended their innocence… and won!

Now it’s your turn. I fight hard for my clients to protect what matters most: your job, your license, your travel, your freedom.

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What Do I Do After Getting a DUI in Ontario?

1. Record all facts about what happened
2. Get a lawyer with lots of experience
3. Don’t Panic!
4. Discuss all the facts with your lawyer
5. Get family support

You Do Have Options

Did you know that depending on the type of DUI charge you received, there are numerous possible defence theories and methods that can be used to prove your innocence in court? But of course, the difficult part is recognizing which of those is the best defence to fight your specific case.

That’s where I come in!

Once I am hired, there is a strict and proven process I follow in order to ensure the best outcome – and it starts from the moment my clients retain me.

DUI Defence That Works!

1. I keep you informed every step of the way, explaining what has already happened and what is about to happen.
2. If you have questions or concerns as time goes on, I am here to address them. I like my clients to think of me not only as their DUI defence lawyer but also as the support figure they can turn to for anything pertaining to their case.
3. As your trial date approaches, I prepare you. From wardrobe, to conduct, to examination and cross-examination. I act as your coach to ensure that you are as ready as you can be for what is to come.
4. I take the necessary time to learn and assess every last detail there is to know about your case.
5. I research the case law and meet with the Crown Attorney.
6. While I present my findings to you, I make sure nothing has been missed or overlooked.
7. I explain your options and provide my DUI legal opinion.
8. My office attends all court appearances on your behalf.

What My Experience Says
About Me

A few years ago, a police officer phoned me to defend him on a DUI charge. I asked him how he found me and he said that after asking his police friends who they lose to in court, it was my name that popped up again and again.

I have represented an NHL player, a Canadian Olympic athlete, police officers, lawyers, doctors, prominent senior executives, pilots and flight attendants, limousine drivers, factory workers and many other hardworking Canadians. If nothing else, this tells you that I’ve built a track record others take notice of and there’s a reason why even the highest profile individuals entrust me with their cases.

Why You Need To Hire
Best DUI Lawyer Mississauga

Depending on the specifics of your DUI charge, a conviction might mean the loss of your driver’s licence, devastating spikes in your insurance rates, a lifetime criminal record and even jail time.

If there is even the slightest glimmer of hope that you can be proven innocent (and there usually is!), then you can’t afford to plead guilty. You can’t afford to sit back and hope that everything will work itself out. You can’t afford to hire just anyone to defend you. You owe it to yourself to fight the best DUI case you can fight.

Your lifestyle, your reputation and your self-esteem depend on it!


Take The
Next Step

I’m a big believer that hiring an experienced DUI lawyer is similar to hiring a doctor or dentist in the sense that it is a very personal choice. You need to feel right about the person who will defend your case in court. For this reason, I offer a 100% confidential, FREE consultation so you can make an educated and informed decision.

What My Clients Say

“Jonathan is smart and pleasant to deal with. He came up with a brilliant defence. He also took the time to explain everything to me. ”

– D. Patton, Orangeville

About Jonathan

Graduated 1989 Osgoode Hall Law School and practiced criminal law in Ontario for over 25+ years. He has defended hundreds of clients charged with impaired driving, assault, theft, fraud, and drug offences.
Covering Toronto, Oshawa, Mississauga, Barrie, Newmarket, Owen Sound, Peterborough, Niagara Falls and many other Ontario communities.


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